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  '63 Lemans
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Old Hot Rods, Rat Rods, and Muscle Cars

Although this site is mainly about the 1963 lemans, and other Pontiacs, there will also be info about other old musclecars, and hot rods(example: 442's,buick GS's,etc.) This is the stuff that me and my family really dig! Old cars are our favorite hobby. We are really Pontiac nuts at heart (you know, GTOs and stuff), but we like many other interesting automobiles made by GM. We aren't Ford people, but there are a few exceptions, my dad likes '58 Rancheros, I like Edsels, and my brother and I really go for '32 Ford hot rods and stuff like that. Also, my sister likes mustangs (yikes!), I suppose everyones different. We also have some interest in mopars. although in our opinion they are not as cool as a pontiac GTO or an Olds 442. My dad has owned Plymouth RoadRunner's and Dodge Superbee's before, and he really liked them. In short, We Like Cars!


Current Projects

Here's A List of the current rust buckets, and daily drivers that are being fixed up, or that are awaiting partial restoration:

Dads Projects:

-1965 Pontiac Lemans convt., this car has been restored to decent show quality. It's not perfect of course, but its the best looking of the bunch. The car is white white with a black power top, and a gold interior. It came with a factory 326 c.i. H.O. engine, but currently has a later pontiac 350 c.i. motor. the factory tranny is a two speed auto.

-1965 Buick Skylark GranSport 2dr. hardtop. This car recently recieved a new black paint job, the car has a very straight body, but black will bring out dings on any car. it has a red interior, and will soon have a new black vinyl top. under the hood is the factory, numbers matching Buick nailhead 401 c.i. V8 engine with an AFB four barrel carb. it also has a factory 2 speed  auto trans.

-1969 Chevrolet ElCamino. my dad just purchased this car from out of state, it is white with black vinyl top, and black interior. It is in very nice condition. Under the hood is a Chev. 350, and a TH350 tranny. It arrived with a set of corvette rally wheels, but is now awaitng a restored set of SS chevy rally wheels.

-1973 Oldsmobile Cutlass S 2dr. coupe. this was the best selling car through the '70s, and though many would look upon it now days as an Ugly Bomb, it is a very nice reliable car. It is green with green int. it has an Olds 350 w/4bbl. carb.

Cliffs Cars:

-1954 Chevrolet Bel Air 2dr. coupe. This one is a rat rod! flat black, flames,etc. It has a Camaro front sub frame and rear end, Camaro 350/350 drivetrain. it's a good cruiser, and is also equiped with Flame Thowers!! (YEAH!!!!).

-1964 Pontiac Lemans 2dr. hdtp. this one is in the middle of restoration. It has a new rear quarter panel, and Cliff just painted it a beutiful Mayfair Maize yellow. It has a newly installed 350 hp '68 pontiac 400 engine, behind that is a four-speed floor shift tranny. it also has a white interior.

-1965 Oldmobile Cutlass 442 2dr. hdtp. this one has a non factory Olds 330 and a TH400 tranny. It does a 15 second quarter mile with a carter thermoquad carb., hopped up trans, and a factory 4:33 limited slip rear end. It has a blue interior, and cliff is planning to paint it white. 

-1965 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 2dr. hdtp. This one has the original factory olds 400 engine. It has a factory four-speed floor shift tranny with console, and the rear end currently intalled is a GM 12-bolt. it is blue with a black interior, and also in need of paint. both 442s had factory console mounted tachometers.

May's car:

-1965 Pontiac Lemans 2dr. hdtp. This one is just like dad's convt. only it is a hardtop. it has the original unrebuilt 326/two speed engine and trans.

My Cars:

-1963 Pontiac Lemans convt. This car needs restoration,but is a good candidate. it is highly optioned with: pwr. top,steering, factory a/c, buckets, floor shift, rally clock, remote mirror, 326 v8, 2 speed transaxle, and many other cool things. It is red with a white interior, and a white top.

-1964 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 hdtp.sedan. want to find rust? don't look here, this car has perfect floors and trunk, and the body is quite straight. it has a red interior, and is currently primer grey, it has a 3 speed auto. trans. and the original olds 394 c.i. v8. other options include: power steering and breaks, factory a/c, remote mirror among other things. This car came from the factory white with a red interior.

Updates, info, etc.

Occansionally, new info will be added that has to do with car projects and restoration.

Other Stuff

The other pages on this site will have info about old cars. There will be more pictures, and other things having to do with hot rods, muscle cars, and other classic cars.

The '63 Lemans And other Pontiacs

much of the car stuff on this website will be about pontiacs, but don't you GM guys worry, there will be plenty of Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, and Buick stuff as well.

Grease 'n Grime

That's what's all over the place when youre working on youre old hot rod.